Hi guys!

Firstly, thank you so much for checking out my page!

A bit about me, seeing as you clicked here  -

World traveller, dessert lover and believer in doing your best to just be a good person!  

I'm currently writing my own photography courses not only to help you smash your goals but giving you the skills and confidence to be the best photographer and business person you can be - not just for you but also for your clients.

I've made the switch from shooting to teaching photography because I know the feeling all too well of fumbling through, trying to learn new skills and get your business up and running completely on your own.

- Not knowing where to start
- Not getting enough clients or experience
- Stressing out before every wedding or shoot (when you do actually get some!)
- Feeling disheartened when things didn't go as well as planned and your work isn't as good as you'd like
- And having all too many of those awkward moments of not knowing how to direct in order to make the experience not only fun and comfortable for your clients but getting those natural shots rather than the boring stiff ones.
Just to name a few things anyway!

If I'm completely honest, I never found the right course when I started, so now that I'm happy with my own work and business I've decided to create my own, so you don't have to struggle on your own like I did!

Although I'm still in the content creating stage, I'm here any time if you have questions, so please reach out and say hi :) I'd love to hear from you and see your work!!!