Wanting to know a bit more information about my prices and what to expect having me as your photographer? Perfect, this is the page for you!

What packages do I offer?

I like to keep things simple and easy! So I just offer one full-day photography package. Why? Because it's simple... and easy... and includes everything you need! Without all those hidden little extras that you probably don't need and just end up costing more!

So what does that include?

-   unlimited hours shooting on the day

Yep, that's right, I'll turn up whatever time you need me. My record is a 4am start to do sunrise photos of the bridal party! Having said that, I'll never complain about being able to sleep in a bit longer :) 

And yes, I'll stay as long as you need me at the reception too. Why? Sure, I could cut my hours to the usual 8hrs, and charge more for any overtime, but my priority is capturing every important moment for you, not charging extra where possible... so if that means staying a little longer on the day, I'll happily do that without any extra charge (I'm not going to lie, staying longer at a reception increases the probability of eating cake!).

-   all my editing time and minimum 300 edited, high resolution, unmarked images.

Yes, this includes all my editing time to individually edit every image I give back to you! Yep, it takes forever and this is easily where most of my time is spent, but each image you receive will be individually edited, high resolution, watermark-free and ready for printing! This gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with those images; make your own prints, canvases, albums etc. I normally edit roughly 300 images (usually more), plus include extra black and white copies of each image. More than enough to cover your special day, without being too overwhelming! 

- all images on both USB and in an online gallery.
Once all your images are edited they'll be put on USB but in the meantime, as I edit, I add them to a private online gallery.

Why? Firstly, so you don't have to wait for your USB to arrive before seeing images (you'll get a sneak peek as I add them to your gallery, usually within a few days, which makes things much more exciting getting images every few days and more digestible than receiving all images in one big hit!).

These images are also high resolution and the link can easily be shared with any friends/family you'd like to see them, as well as having the option to download the images directly for anyone else wanting prints (so your Aunty Sheril wants that shot of herself breaking it down on the dance floor? Send her the link, the images are high resolution so she also has the option of doing her own prints).
Also, this means all your images are backed up... so if by chance you lose your USB, your dog eats it or end up having kids likely to flush it in the loo, never fear, all your images are safe online - along with the fact I always keep a copy just in case!)

What else?
Regardless of where the wedding is, I turn up to the location the day before. Firstly to attend a rehearsal if you have one (in case there's anything unique or specific I need to know), but mainly to scope out the venues and any locations in mind for photos.

Why do I do this? To be as prepared and organised as possible, ensuring anything 'photo-wise' runs as smoothly as possible on the wedding day. It's also a good opportunity to run over anything that needs addressing but also just a nice opportunity to catch up! 
Obviously, where possible and where needed, I'm happy to scout locations at an earlier date, but regardless I turn up the day before because even if I've already seen locations, the problem is that with changing seasons and varying sunset times etc, scoping things day before ensure the most similar conditions as possible.

Also, turning up the day before there's no risk of unforeseen circumstances causing me to arrive late on the day! 

What's not included?

-  Albums and prints

Although they can be arranged, I normally don't offer prints and albums. Why? I find that most people just want the high resolution images and are happy organizing the rest themselves! I feel this gives you the freedom to choose your own printing companies and design your own albums without the back and forth communication normally needed.

More so, it works out cheaper for you! Obviously ordering prints/albums through me, I need to add on expenses to cover my time designing and ordering etc so obviously it will work out a little more expensive getting me to do it for you.
If I did offer albums/prints it would be a good way for me to make extra profit, but again my priority is keeping you happy, and keeping the whole process as simple and as affordable as possible!
Also, admittedly, if I had to order prints/design albums for every wedding I did, and I do weddings weekly during season, the time it takes me to get edited photos back to you wouldn't be quite so speedy! If I'm still busy designing and ordering an album for the previous wedding, it's going to take me a little longer until I get the chance to edit yours! So I find it keeps the whole 'after wedding' process simpler and faster for everyone! :)

-  Accommodation/Travel expenses
Obviously this depends totally on where your wedding is! I'm based in Coonabarabran, so travel expenses are individually quoted based on distance. I keep these costs as reasonable as possible, and more than happy to travel any distance for a wedding (I'm use to it, and enjoy the driving time! So don't worry about the fact I'm based in Coonabarabran).

In terms of accommodation, 2 nights are always appreciated (night before as mentioned above - to scout locations, no risk of being late on the day etc) but also so on the day of the wedding I can stay as long as you need me. Now, having said this, chances are I probably know someone in the town where your wedding is, so where possible I always try best to stay with friends so there's no extra costs but if you're getting married somewhere that I don't know anyone, accommodation would be great! I'm not fussy though and totally understand that these costs add up, so will happily stay anywhere there's a spare room! Even if that's that's crazy Aunty Sheril who will end up on the dance floor!