Megan & Dean

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" Of all the services and providers we chose for our wedding, Anna was the one sent to us from wedding heaven! We feel so lucky to have had her details passed on to us and from the day after we had booked her in, we looked at her website pictures day in and day out - getting more and more excited about the shots she might get of our wedding!
She certainly did not disappoint! We must admit that we were a little nervous, because we had chosen an Alpaca Farm in the vineyards to hold our wedding, and we weren't local to the area. All we knew was that we thought it was a beautiful location and wanted everyone to feel relaxed and happy there. Anna managed to turn our vision into art! She explored the area and found it's hidden treasures and she has given us the most magical pictures to remember our day by.
She is funny and talented and makes everyone feel comfortable! On the day we hardly knew she was taking photos; except when her gorgeous laugh would ring out from behind the camera.
We, and our families, are just flawed by our pictures. They are nothing short of stunning! They capture the fun, love and romance that we wanted, with the backdrop of our dream setting. And what we like most about them is that Anna's personality shines through them too! " Megan and Dean

Katie & Doug

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" Choosing Anna was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding day. Anna is an extremely talented photographer, with her own special, artistic flair. But perhaps her greatest asset is her personality! Her friendly and fun-loving nature made her such a joy to be around. She is bubbly and enthusiastic; you can tell that she loves her job.
She slotted in so well with our family and bridal party, and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun with Anna! 
She was very efficient in getting our photos back to us - with a few quick edits sent through to us the next morning to give us a taste of what was to come! We have had so many positive comments from everyone who has seen our wedding photos. Everyone has been very impressed, especially us! 
We would recommend Anna to any couple searching for a wedding photographer. "

Kim & Geordie

" To have Anna as our Wedding Photographer was one of the best decisions we made on our big day! Her creative eye, her cool calm and collective spirit and the comfort in knowing she would make sure she captured the most memorable moments. I look at our photos daily and could not have asked for better. Thank you once again Anna for all the behind the scenes work you did other then photographing our big day! " Love, Mr & Mrs Kettle.

Kal & Dusty

" The first thing on my "to do list" after we got engaged was to book in Anna as our photographer, it was the easiest and best decision we made. I had no doubt she would capture every moment of our special day in her perfect and creative way, and our photos have turned out even better than we imagined. Thank you Anna for all of your hard work and the long hours you put in for us to have perfect memories of our big day. " Mr & Mrs Crawley

Emily & Oliver

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" Oliver and I are so grateful to you for the wonderful work you have done, your commitment to making our wedding look amazing and for capturing the day perfectly! We have had such wonderful feedback from guests who were at the wedding, as well as other friends and family who all think the photos are amazing. In addition to your obvious talent, you have been such a pleasure to deal with, you were an excellent addition to our day, and have made the whole process very easy - and quick! I was thrilled to receive the first couple of images just one day after the event! We have been referring you to anybody that asks! Thank you so much! "

Adam & Seona

" Anna is a very talented photographer and has a great eye not only for capturing great photos but the character and personality of the people in them. She was extremely flexible and easy going with anything that we wanted. She really took the time to get to know us and exactly what we were after, she came to the venue earlier in the week to look at lighting, timing, space etc. and meet the people involved. She completely grasped the theme and vibe of our wedding and highlighted this through the photos, she didn't miss a thing.
The photo time of our wedding was so much fun! There was nothing fake or forced, Anna just captured the fun time that we were having but still made sure we got the shots that we wanted. The entire bridal party was so impressed with Anna as photo time was fun instead of a chore.
We are so lucky to have had Anna photograph our wedding before she turns into the next big thing as we're sure her talent will take her a long way. She was a big part of our day and the wonderful photos will be a clear reminder of the memories from our special day. We recommend her to anyone, her photos are amazing, we are so happy with them we would hire her a thousand times over. Thank you Anna! "

Naomi & Mark

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" Having Anna Tenne as our wedding photographer was honestly one of the best decisions we made in regards to our wedding day. She not only creatively and beautifully captures all the standard wedding shots, but she has a real flair for capturing those small and significant personal moments throughout the day. These were the type of relaxed photos that we wanted most, and with Anna we received a fantastic selection.
She is like the perfect wedding paparazzo! ​Anna never felt like an intrusion and was very professional and independent, requiring no looking after or special attention. She has a calming presence and was always happy to help out in whatever way possible (even sometimes helping me carry my long veil or heavy skirt through wet and muddy grass for a perfect shot). Anna was especially efficient and patient during potentially painful family group photographs.
Anna is one of those special photographers, who not only obviously loves what she does and is very clever at it, but she also has a wonderful way with people.Thank you so much Anna for providing us with beautiful photographs to help us and our family remember our wedding day. " Mark and Naomi xx

Nichola & Andrew

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" Anna, I can't believe how lucky we were to have you as our wedding photographer. Not only are our wedding photos just stunning but you were an absolute delight to have around on the day and made the whole thing so easy. You were so lovely! You have such an amazing talent and so many of our guests have told us how much they love the photos from our wedding. We wanted candid photos with a bit of fun and we feel as though you certainly filled the brief plus more!!! We can't thank you enough for the amazing memories you have captured for us and would recommend you in a heart beat to anyone. Nichola and Andrew xo "

Corinne & Jacob

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" When our original wedding photographer double booked, we thought it was the worst possible thing that could happen…it turned out to be the best! A friend recommended Anna and she was the perfect choice. Her photographs are unique and beautiful. She goes above and beyond all expectations in everything that she does.
Our experience with Anna was relaxed and joyous. She expertly captured every moment, giving us authentic memories of the fun, love and laughter that were shared. The people we love were caught in candid moments of joy; their personalities captured perfectly - a rare talent.
Looking at our photographs brings a special kind of happiness. Anna was such an important part of our day. It felt like she was just another friend. Unimposing and thoughtful, with one of the best gifts we could have ever asked for! Amazing memories, laid out in spectacular fashion! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! "

Sarah & Daniel

" Anna, you did such a wonderful job and captured everything that we wanted on our special day. Since receiving our photos we have been showing our families and friends and have been told how jealous other brides were that our photos came out so much better than theirs. Before choosing you as our photographer we looked into a number of others but as soon as we saw some of your photos we knew that we had found the right one. You were a pleasure to work with on the day and made things easy going and fun therefore we would recommend you to anyone thinking of getting married or for any other special event in their lives. " Best Wishes, Daniel and Sarah O'Donnell

Kate & Louie

" Anna is the perfect mix of practical and creative and she captured our day perfectly. The end product was a beautiful series of classic but original photos with which we will remember our wedding day for many years to come. Louie and I, as well as the rest of our bridal party felt very at ease and I was also very impressed with the candid pictures she captured throughout the day. Anna is extremely flexible, laid-back and unobtrusive and she helped our day flow beautifully. We would happily recommend Anna to anyone. " Kate & Louie

Giles & Amrita

" Whenever we look at Anna's photos from our wedding, we relive every moment of our special day. Our love can be seen more clearly and beautifully in the photos, capturing moments we could not otherwise see. These photos are very special to me and my husband. The images are nice, warm and colourful. Thank you Anna for making these beautiful memories for us! " 

Prue & Dan

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" Anna is an artistic and creative photographer who thinks outside the box to get perfect and unique photographs. She made Dan and I as well as our whole bridal party feel comfortable and relaxed. It poured rain on our wedding day and Anna had already came up with lots of ideas of photos we could take in the rain. Anna is a rare talent and if you want one less thing to worry about on your wedding day and everyone to rave about your very original wedding photographs - Anna is the photographer you need! Thank you Anna. "

Nikki & Ryan

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"From the moment I spoke to Anna, to meeting her for a chat about what we were after and what she could offer, to booking her in; right up to and including the wedding day was all so easy and relaxed! Anna was more then happy to answer any questions leading up to our wedding, even when she was overseas!!!
Anna slotted into our day so well, never causing a fuss or being overly invasive!! At the same time she was able to capture some amazing and very natural photos of our perfect day!!! Anna was able to get a photo of almost all of our large crowd, lots of beautiful natural shots of family, friends, the bridal party and us! As well as a few more formal ones, and even a few on the dance floor!! We ended up with lots fantastic edited photos that we truly love and will have forever to remember our very special wedding day!!! Thank you Anna!!!"