Manual Camera Course (SLR, mirrorless etc) - October 7th & 8th

Saturday 7th

10am Session 1 - Understanding your camera (roughly 3hrs)

Session 2 - Outdoor portrait shoot (time & location TBD but shooting roughly the 2hours before sunset)

Sunday 8th

10am Session 2 - Editing (roughly 2.5hrs, location TBD)

Session 1 - Understanding Your Camera

Stuck on Auto or not fully confident with Manual Mode? Perfect! This course is for you!

I will explain how your camera works, focusing on shutter speed, aperture and ISO, as well as explaining how to use them to get the results you want - if you have no idea what I just said, great! If you know what I'm talking about but not sure how to use them to your full advantage, that's also awesome!

I'll also explain the purpose and effects of using different lenses, composition, the best times to shoot as well as utilising different types of light and anything else you're stuck on and wish to ask me!  

In other words, I'll cover pretty much everything you need to know!

What you will need:
- Pen and paper if you like to take notes in your own words (but I'll send out summary notes/cheat sheet via email after the course).
- Camera gear (a manual/mirrorless/SLR camera and any lenses)

Session 2 - Outdoor shoot

Put what you've learnt in the first session into practice!
We will spend this session outside shooting, learning how to take creative, natural images, playing with composition, utilising different types of light and experimenting with different shooting techniques.

The biggest bonus though, with the option of using your kids, partner, grandma or even your pets as subjects, this shooting session is not only about learning to take photos of the things that mean most to you, but also taking home images that are meaningful. Consider it a free photoshoot as part of this course!

Of the images I'll take while teaching, you'll get 2 edited images of mine (as well as your own images of course and any that other participants take and are happy to share!) 

PS - Bringing family/friends as subjects, although an added bonus, is not compulsory - I'll happily arrange other models in case your loved ones are camera shy or dread the thought of any more photos! But please know, I do my best to make the sessions fun! It won't be your typical, smile awkwardly at the camera kind of shoot :)

What you'll need:
- Camera gear
- Awesome attire if you wish to jump into a couple of shots with any friends/family who have come along as subjects. 

Session 3 - Editing

Learn how to make your images from the shooting session look even more kick *ss!!!

I'll cover all the basics you need to make your images pop, giving them extra colour, clarity and your own unique touch using Adobe Lightroom and a couple of my absolute favourite tools in Photoshop.

I'll also help critique any images and give feedback, if you'd like!

What you'll need:
- Laptop
- Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop - the most awesome programs to use for editing!!! (If you don't have them they're available for a free trial then a subscription of $10/month, ask and I'll help you download them!) 

So what's the cost and what does it include?

$50 per session (less than half the usual price)

- All my knowledge (seriously ask anything, I'll be an open book!)

- As an added bonus if you wish, 2 edited images per attendee that I take during the outdoor shooting session (of your kids and/or family, grandma or pet etc! You'll also receive images from any other participants if they wish to share, as well as your own of course! That's the added bonus of bringing your friends/partner/family/pet along, it's like a free photoshoot as part of the course!)

- Help and advice at any stage after the course, I'll create a Facebook group but you're also welcome to email any time with questions.

- Tea, coffee and snacks during the two morning sessions

What's not included?

- Any main meals


"Anna has been our go to photographer since our daughter was born. We have so many beautiful images she has captured that we will treasure for a lifetime.
I decided to do one of her courses so I could capture my own everyday, yet creative images! Anna taught me to confidently capture shots and have the skills to edit my own images into gorgeous keepsakes of my family.
Highly recommend this course. You'll have a blast and learn from one of the best!"

-- Jenna, Coonabarabran

"Anna knows her craft so well, and it's clear how much she loves teaching. Whether you barely know how to turn on your camera or you've been taking photographs for years, she will help you take your images to the next level.
Thanks to Anna's workshop, I feel so much more confident taking creative, natural images and making them pop. The skills she taught me are applicable in any situation...I can't recommend her highly enough!"

-- Alisa, San Francisco

"Anna's course was the perfect refresher on all the elements for taking a shot I'm happy with - from the controls on the camera, to the post processing that can make an incredible difference. She reminded me that it's worth taking the time to master the tools so that I can focus on being more creative in the moment!"

-- Doug, San Francisco

This is Cooper, from Canada, if he could talk he would probably say it was rad!